About Om Feet

Tracy started Om Feet with the aspiration to benefit as many people as possible through her deep, caring reflexology treatments. Becoming a reflexologist was a natural progression for Tracy, and complements her many talents in the healing arts.

Tracy has been working in the healing industry for over 15 years. Her vocation found its roots growing up as a young girl in a Chinese family, where massage and holistic approach to health were a keystone of her upbringing. She then developed a strong interest in alternative therapies, meditation, healthy eating and yoga.

Tracy has an in-depth knowledge of using food as medicine, which she applies when giving aftercare advice. In order to keep her mind and body healthy and fit, she practices Qigong, Kung-Fu, dancing and is an avid meditator. She also runs Emotional Balance and Mind/Body Wellbeing retreats/workshops throughout the year.

Tracy draws from all these elements to complement her reflexology practice and treatments, to help promote physical and emotional wellbeing for her clients.

Why Tracy?

When choosing a reflexologist, it is not only important to choose a practitioner who is experienced, but also someone who is in tune with their work and their client in order to gain maximum benefits. The treatment should not feel too mechanical, but with flow and ease whilst inducing a deep sense of relaxation.

Tracy approaches her treatments with loving kindness and uses her intuitive knowledge and experience to tailor the session to each individual. Like a dancer, she tunes into each person’s needs through her hands and the art of deep listening. Whilst her fingers work like magic through each section of the foot to release the most stressful, tight or sore areas, she will guide you through a relaxation.

Regardless of your background, profession or lifestyle, your body and mind will benefit immensely from Tracy’s unique set of skills. You will leave her treatment sessions feeling calmer and clearer, with an uplifting sense of peace and wellbeing.

Tracy is a very skilled, intuitive and caring practitioner. Her treatments heal my body, calm my emotions and enrich my life.Kylie


Tracy is a fully-qualified reflexologist. She was trained at the Oxford School of Reflexology under Geradine Giles, using the Inge Dougans method of the Traditional Chinese Medicine System. She is fully insured, and registered with the AoR (Association of Reflexologists). In 2012, Tracy also completed the CEBTT (Cultivating Emotional Teacher Training): a 300-hour course with renowned psychologists Dr Paul Ekman, Dr Eve Ekman and Dr Alan B.Wallace.

Tracy is a long-time meditator in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition under the guidance of Tsoknyi Rinpoche, Mingyur Rinpoche and Dr Alan B.Wallace.