Rapid Transformation Therapy

HueLan is also a holistic healer and certified Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapist. She help peoples from all walks of life uncover and let go of hidden trauma so they can experience real inner freedom, vibrant good health and greater happiness from the inside out.

You can learn more about it at Love Your Mind.

The people who come to me are…

  • Craving change, but aren’t sure how to achieve it
  • Searching for inner peace and a deep sense of fulfilment
  • Ready to let go of unhelpful habits and old patterns of behaviour
  • Open to changing old stories and rewriting an entirely new chapter for themselves
  • Willing to explore new ways of thinking and stay open to the possibilities

Is this something you’ve been thinking about, too? Below is HueLan’s personal story with Rapid Transformational Therapy, which led her to train and become a qualified therapist.

I want you to know that true inner freedom is possible. I’ve experienced it for myself, and so have my clients.

Ultimately, you want a richly satisfying life. You want to feel good in your own skin. And you want to love yourself deeply, without conditions. And that’s just the beginning.

Perhaps over the years you’ve tried journaling, sitting in meditation, or talking things through with various healers, therapists and health professionals.

Maybe you’ve experimented with natural therapy alternatives, even some you thought you’d never try.

And while those things were helpful in a lot of ways, you still haven’t experienced the deep change you’ve been longing for. Whether you’ve been dealing with ongoing physical pain or emotional upheavals like depression or anxiety, over the years you’ve simply learned to put up with it.

But it’s not normal to live with this much discomfort. In fact, if we don’t correctly address our physical or emotional pain, it becomes dangerously detrimental to our long-term emotional and mental wellbeing.

That was my story, too…

I had lived with chronic pain for most of my life.

But with just one session of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), the pain was gone. I knew I’d found something special.

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