What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a massage system based on working on reflex points of the feet. This therapy was practiced by the Egyptians and Chinese as early as 2300BC. Each reflex point of the feet acts as a mirror that corresponds to a particular organ in the body.

foot reflexology chart
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Reflexology is becoming more widely used, gaining more and more popularity due to the deep relaxation effects it has on the body. When we are deeply relaxed, the body will organically open up towards healing. What reflexology does is to assist you through the process of unblocking any stagnation or blockages accumulated over time through stress and other ailments (85% of illnesses are caused by unmanaged stress).

When stress is not addressed properly, it can lead to chronic illnesses over time. Stress can be emotional or physical, with causes ranging from work, relationships, moving house, having a baby or generally any changes or activities that challenge your health and wellbeing.

Through HueLan’s treatment, she will assist you in both mind and body to release what needs to be released, and help you re-activate your energy flow inside out, making you feeling wholesome again.


  • Relieving mental stress (which can manifest in the form of anxiety, depression, panic attacks, fatigue, etc.)
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Soothing the parasympathetic (nervous) system
  • Re-balancing body organs
  • Excellent support for fertility and pregnancy care

Chinese Reflexology vs. Western Reflexology

Chinese Reflexology is based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) system which is built on the principle of the energy meridians system. There are 12 primary channels known as Meridians in the body where energy flows throughout your body with many terminating at the feet. Therefore, the feet are considered to be the master control points to manipulate energy flow. Chinese Reflexology is highly effective in moving stagnation and sluggishness out of the body. It is believed that applying more pressure to tight or sore points stimulates and speeds up the healing process.

The TCM system is excellent for people with low energy or when the internal body requires some ‘waking up’ to keep everything well in balance.

Modern Reflexology is based on the Western-based concept of Zone Theory, introduced by Dr. William H. Fitzgerald. According to this, the feet are divided into different zones to represent corresponding zones in the body. Western Reflexology is more popular in the West since it is more gentle and softer in touch. The feet are also worked on at a more relaxed and gentle pace.

The Western system is wonderful to support people who are highly stressed, worried or anxious. The soothing and relaxing effects will help and settle all your nervous energy.

Tailored approach: Both the Chinese and Western style of reflexology promote important health benefits for rebalancing and re-energising, and HueLan includes both in her practice. Since everyone is unique, the treatment will be catered for you according to your constitution and lifestyle.