Maternity Reflexology

The time around child birth should be a beautiful time filled with lots of excitement and joy. However, it can also be quite stressful, particularly as the body is going through many changes physically and emotionally. Reflexology is a powerful tool, providing numerous benefits. HueLan has vast experience working with expecting mothers, women wanting to conceive or having just given birth.

Pregnancy Reflexology

Any non-pregnant person is already dealing with a heavy load to their bodily systems; and Reflexology has proven to be a very effective therapy for treating a lot of modern illnesses we encounter in our day-to-day life.

When pregnant, it is very important that we pay attention to our level of stress. We should watch where we tend to hold on and resist the energy flow of our emotions and body. Try not to overwork and get fatigued as we build our energy to pass on to our children. Particularly during early signs of pregnancy, the mother needs lots of rest, relaxation, and to refrain from being too physically and mentally active, i.e. over-worrying, overworking or being exhausted. Maintaining a proper diet also helps support a healthy pregnancy. One should avoid or minimise eating cold and frozen foods, including cold fluids.

Pregnancy Reflexology offers a response, perfectly adapted to this special and important time in your life. Since the major organs are mirrored through our feet, by stimulating or sedating specific points, the corresponding organ is nourished with fresh chi (energy). Imbalances or stagnated old chi in the body is released; balance and health are restored, energy level improved, relaxation and rejuvenation enjoyed. This is most useful as it feels like we are working directly on the organ, giving them a ‘real’ massage but without being directly in contact with them.

Reflexology for Natural Fertility

Whether you are planning a family or just thinking about it. Reflexology is an excellent therapy to help you and your body to provide a healthy and peaceful environment for your body and mind. It is a great way to assist your body to restore its natural equilibrium in both men and women. Trying for a baby can put a lot of pressure on couples, especially where busy lifestyle, alongside poor diet and negative thinking can accelerate imbalances. Stress whilst trying for a baby, can increase cortisol (stress hormone) further depleting the body. Inevitably not only making the body more toxic, but also your hormonal system will be out of sync.

By having a course of reflexology, it will not only help to balance out your hormonal system, and soothe and calm your nervous system. It is a great way to help your body to shift and get it in better working order. Reflexology is not only relaxing but nurturing at the same time, allowing your body to let go of emotional and physical stress. Before embarking and committing yourself on a more expensive health programme. Why not book a session with HueLan and she will give you a head start on some very basic mental and physical hygiene for mind and body.

Reflexology during IVF

With IVF being such an emotional and expensive procedure why not prepare your body and mind to its optimal state through reflexology? This is a great way to make preparations for your body to be detoxified, removing any unwanted toxins and clearing up the bowel if you’re prone to constipation or have a sluggish bowel. It is also a great way for the body to re-balance, promoting general well-being and relaxation.

Whether or not you should continue treatment during the IVF cycle is completely up to you. However, during the stimulating phase clients should not receive a normal reflexology session as this will not be useful. If you enjoy the treatment and wish to continue then I would recommend a very gentle foot massage instead, combined with some reiki which can help to make a difference in reducing stress, encouraging more relaxation and feeling more optimistic during your IVF cycle. For more information please contact HueLan.

Post-Natal Care

After the jubilation of birth, the experience can leave the mother exhausted, tired, overwhelmed, sore and emotional. Reflexology is a wonderful healing tool for post-natal recovery regardless whether you had a natural/straight forward birth, or a traumatic one. Your entire body and mind will appreciate reflexology with its many benefits of restoring, harmonising and re-balancing qualities, helping the body to bounce back to its own natural homeostasis. Leaving you feeling more yourself again as well as enjoying your new role as being mum.


  • breast engorgement (giving you relief & comfort)
  • constipation
  • hormonal imbalances
  • lactation (regulate the flow)
  • perineal pain (to encourage tissue repair & blood flow)
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