Reflexology Treatments

Emotional Balance 1hr – 1.5hrs

As the days get darker and colder, the winter months are more challenging on mind and body. Some of us suffer the effect of SAD (seasonal affective disorder), whilst others might be going through a difficult time in a relationship break-up or divorce. It could be stress from a high pressurised job or generally just coping with all of life's activities and challenges.

Tracy will tailor the treatment according to your needs. She will help you let go of what no longer serves you and create a potential space for new possibilities to be established. The treatment is grounding, re-energising and uplifting.

Energiser - 30 mins

Don't have enough time and just want an energy booster? This half-hour treatment is great for those with a busy schedule who just want a quick energy top up. It will leave you feeling refreshed with a burst of renewed energy. It’s perfect before going into a work meeting as it will leave you feeling calmer and clearer with more confidence. It is also another great way to address fatigue if you have been on your feet all day, and just want to unwind with your feet getting pampered whilst inducing your mind to relax deeply.

Natural Fertility

Whether you are planning a family or just thinking about it. Reflexology is an excellent therapy to help you and your body to provide a healthy and peaceful environment for your body and mind. It is a great way to assist your body to restore its natural equilibrium in both men and women.

Having a course of reflexology will help to balance out your hormonal system, and soothe and calm your nervous system. It is a great way to help your body to shift and get it in better working order. Reflexology is not only relaxing but nurturing at the same time, allowing your body to let go of emotional and physical stress. Before embarking and committing yourself on a more expensive health programme. Why not book a session with Tracy? She will give you a head start on some very basic mental and physical hygiene for mind and body.

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Maternity Care

From the early stages through to the delivery, pregnancy can be a physically and emotionally demanding time for mothers, especially as pregnancy hormones are in constant flux.

Reflexology is particularly beneficial to all expecting mothers. As part of Tracy's sessions you will experience a guided relaxation that you could also use during labour. Deep relaxation's importance can not be understated, since it helps to promote more oxytocin and reduces adrenaline to the benefit of mind and body. When the mind and body are deeply relaxed and focused, the birth will also be less traumatic and more enjoyable.

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Post-Natal Care

After the jubilation of birth, the experience can leave the mother exhausted, tired, overwhelmed, sore and emotional. Reflexology is a wonderful healing tool for post-natal recovery regardless whether you had a natural/straight forward birth, or a traumatic one. Your entire body and mind will appreciate reflexology with its many benefits of restoring, harmonising and re-balancing qualities, helping the body to bounce back to its own natural homeostasis. Leaving you feeling more yourself again as well as enjoying your new role as being mum.

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Stress Buster 1hr - 1.5hrs

As stated by the World Health Organisation stress is the health epidemic of the twenty-first century.

Negative effects from stress lead to an array of mental imbalances such as anxiety, anger, low self-esteem, depression, OCDD (Obsessive Compulsive Delusional Disorder) and emotional burnout from all of life's pressures, whether they relate to work, home, relationships, or more generally the demands of modern city life.

Receiving regular reflexology sessions will help you to address stress as it is grounding and promotes presence in body and mind. Heightening your awareness will help you to manage your stress levels before it leads to burn out or other more serious illnesses.