“I had weekly reflexology sessions with HueLan during my last trimester. Sessions involved both reflexology and a guided meditation led by HueLan. This means HueLan’s sessions are quite unlike any other reflexology I’ve had before. This combination allowed me to cope with the physical and mental strains of pregnancy and achieve a state of relaxation that I didn’t know was possible with a toddler and a demanding job.

I did RTT with HueLan in the run up to my birth with my second baby, following a traumatic first birth. I’d spent most my pregnancy with extremely bad anxiety about giving birth again, and the most immediate benefit was the powerful impact RTT had on reducing and almost eliminating that anxiety. I spent the final weeks of my pregnancy feeling a genuine sense of calm anticipation about what was to come. The birth itself was a beautiful experience – despite not going remotely to plan, I remained completely calm throughout (something the midwives commented on to me too!). Thanks to the tools HueLan gave me, I felt able to cope and in control throughout. I really couldn’t recommend HueLan and RTT more highly to any pregnant woman.”

“My sessions with HueLan have had a profoundly beneficial impact on me at both a physical and an emotional level.

My physical symptoms in the lead up to my first session included knots in the back of my neck and shoulders. I could almost touch and visualise them – quite unlike anything I had experienced in the past. During my first session with HueLan I literally felt them melting and dispersing from my body. They have not returned.

Her approach is as much mental and emotional as it is physical. The description of her work as a reflexologist belies the much more holistic experience for her clients of how she works. The term reflexologist suggests very much a physical approach. HueLan’s treatments go beyond the purely physical to include an emotional and spiritual or mental level as well. So, as well as being extremely relaxing from the point of view of the reflexology her treatment encourages emotional/mental exploration of blockages or challenges by way of guided meditations and breathing techniques to promote a complete mind-body treatment.

I find her sessions to be quite unique from anything else I have experienced because of the “joined –up” experience between the mind and body.

In my most recent treatment HueLan worked on opening up my chest area (I hunch my shoulders very naturally) and I felt so much more spaciousness after the treatment – a real softening and opening and sense of space.

HueLan has very natural warmth and a truly loving energy for her clients. She finds the blockages and helps to clear them with love and warmth and humour. HueLan is a real treasure and her unique work is very supportive to physical and emotional well-being.”
Michelle E.

“It is going to be difficult to describe in a few words what a “treatment” with HueLan entails, or even more how grateful I am to have found her.

I had no expectations when I first had an appointment with her… I wanted to “treat” myself after a long week and had good memories of a foot massage I had when I was on holidays. However, as soon as she came home a calming energy invaded my place and with her light and centred nature she immediately made me feel at ease and left me relaxed and tranquil for the whole weekend. I didn’t know yet, but that first appointment was a turning point and the start of a journey in which I find myself dealing with life from a happier place and not stressing so much about things while getting them done much more efficiently than before. And all of this without me actually making a great effort or actively planning to change anything…. But not only my mind is in a better place; my body also feels more in sync and balanced. How she does it, I have no idea, but she always knows what to say, how to say it and how to make me think and feel better.

HueLan is very caring, talented and passionate about what she does and the people she works with. She keeps challenging my mind and offering a fresh and new perspective every time we meet and what she says, always resonates with me.

Her hands are magical but, moreover, her heart is generous and she is wise.

Now I see her every Friday evening and I couldn’t think of a better way to start my weekend. I totally recommend her…as long as Friday evenings are mine! ;)”
Ana E.

“I came to see HueLan by sheer fluke I had no real idea about reflexology but she has opened a door to me that I never knew existed. I was at a low point in my life and through her compassion she changed me, literally. She gave me strength not only physically but mentally. Each session she coached me and she worked on areas that were important each time, be it on the feet primarily or my face which was an area of pure stress and anxiety that she was able to soften and manipulate to make me relax in a way that nothing else had been able to do. She is one of the warmest people i have met someone who i looked forward to seeing each week. Her therapy is more than just a one hour reflexology session she really understood my needs and cared that each week we moved forward. I cannot recommend her enough her energy and kindness went beyond the one hour we had each week.”

“HueLan became a trusted partner for my health and well being during my pregnancy. Her reflexology treatments are combined with guided meditation, and I did not realise until I began practicing mindfulness with HueLan how critical this skill would become for the birth of my baby and beyond into motherhood. I looked forward to each session with HueLan as a precious time to reconnect with my body and my baby.

Like most first time mothers, I felt anxious and ambivalent about the birthing process, so I partnered with HueLan for the RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) experience in order to re-frame some of my fears and assumptions about childbirth. The experience was revelatory — with the help and guidance of HueLan, I was able to uncover, acknowledge and let go of anxieties, and learned a lot about myself and how I processed fear during the process. I credit HueLan and the RTT for playing a part in the peaceful and joyful experience I had while birthing my son.”

“HueLan’s treatment combines the ancient art of reflexology with mind and body awareness meditation. This unique combination facilitates healing on a mind, body and spirit level.
She is a highly intuitive and knowledgeable healer who has tailored her treatments to deal with my individual issues. Her knowledge of ‘alternative’ therapies extends beyond reflexology and I greatly value the advice she has given regarding my health and well being. The positive by product of her treatments is that I find I am more grounded and emotionally more resilient, have better breathing and I sleep better.”

“HueLan has supported me in my recovery from a busy city lifestyle over the past two years. In a few short months, her treatments helped me heal the hormonal problems I have suffered with, including chronic mastitis, for many years. Since then, HueLan has supported me in my well being; working at a very deep energetic level on issues past and present, and supporting my heath and vitality.

HueLan is a very skilled, intuitive and caring practitioner. In every treatment, she is completely present; committed to, and focused on, the work we need to do together. HueLan’s treatments heal my body, calm my emotions and enrich my life.”
Kylie K.

“Thank you HueLan for your magical hands! They have definitely played a key role in the onset of my beautiful labour. And your kind and generous presence has put calm and serenity in the household. We are forever grateful!”
Sarah A.

“I found HueLan’s reflexology treatments very soothing and relaxing, helping me to sleep better and break a pattern of stress from work that had been with me for a while. More unexpectedly THueLan’s treatments helped my digestion and seemed to trigger me to eat a more balanced and wholesome diet and thus generally improving my health. Definitely worth doing on a care and maintenance basis after the intensive course.”
Mike Murray

“It is a wonderful experience to have HueLan’s treatments, they are more than just a reflexology experience. With HueLan’s magic fingers, it is totally a mind and body experience as well as sensing a feeling of calmness and total relaxation. Her fingers know exactly which points of my feet needed attention. You will be addicted!”
Sayuri Onuki

“HueLan’s reflexology really helped me to relax, tune into myself and prioritise looking after myself and my baby. Amazingly, after spending the rest of the day resting and sleeping, I started contractions at 4am Sunday morning! I had a natural delivery and our baby girl, Rose, was born at 3.30pm the same day. Thank you!”
Lizzie C.

“I was going through emotional turmoil at the time of my having reflexology treatments with HueLan. She gave me wonderful respite, providing a calm, gentle atmosphere and lovely touch. Thanks to her I was able to relax and view things with a more open heart and global perspective.”
Francesca J.

“I have been having a problem dealing with a heavy work load and the stress that comes along with it. After only 2 sessions I am already feeling the benefit of HueLan’s healing hands. I am sleeping more soundly as well as generally feeling less stressed.”
Kate S.

“Theo safely arrived on Tuesday morning. He is the most wonderful thing that’s happened to me. Thanks again for all your help and it has kept me calm during the whole process.”
Charlotte R.

“I started seeing HueLan when I was about to give up hope for a problem I have been having for years. About 15 years ago my periods started being very painful, heavy and 14 days long. For the first time now, after a course of treatments and consultations with HueLan, I see a positive change and I am delighted. My last period arrived without me noticing and was completely pain free! They have also started to be considerably shorter.

As well as resolving my health problem out where many have failed, I have found HueLan to be professional, knowledgeable and extremely caring. I felt very much looked after and listened to. HueLan talked me through all she did and all she found during the treatments which I though was very reassuring and comforting.

I really look forward to every treatment, and cannot recommend HueLan highly enough.”
Giovanna Vaccaro

“HueLan’s reflexology treatments not only relax and energize you but during the treatment HueLan helps reveal the areas in your body that need special attention giving lifestyle hints on how you can work with tense areas and what to do to help yourself. From a yogic perspective HueLan’s treatments are another tool to help on the journey of ‘know thyself’.”

“Feet, body and mind enjoy HueLan’s TLC which induced relaxation and a sense of well-being.”

“Whatever it is you need working on, HueLan will spot it immediately and work on it until it is released. She does reflexology efficiently and thoroughly in a calming atmosphere. I always leave her with a wonderful feeling of wellbeing, rejuvenated and walking on clouds.

If you fancy a feel good treat or a relaxing hour, book a treatment with HueLan, your body and mind will thank you for it!”