Reflexology in King's Cross

Tracy Chau has been practicing reflexology in London for nearly a decade. She offers home visits reflexology in King's Cross.

Rebalance your body and mind. Reactivate your body’s own healing mechanism.

We are all affected by stress, at emotional or physical level. Stress can be a source of minor or more serious conditions, leading the World Health Organisation to call stress the “health epidemic of the twenty-first century” (85% of illnesses are caused by unmanaged stress).

Reflexology is a very powerful stress treatment. Because reflex points in the feet mirror corresponding organs in your body, releasing tight areas in the feet releases energy blockages in the body triggered by stress. This brings you a deep sense of relaxation. Your body opens up and reactivates its innate self-healing mechanism.

Imagine the deep sense of relaxation you will experience while being pampered with Tracy’s reflexology. Let relaxation help you with emotional and physical balance, and better health.

Regain your wellbeing with Tracy’s reflexology treatments

Tracy is a very skilled, intuitive and caring practitioner. Her treatments heal my body, calm my emotions and enrich my life.Kylie

Tracy uses her intuitive knowledge and experience to tailor the session to you.Like a dancer, she tunes into your needs through her hands, and releases the most stressful and tight areas in the feet. This affects the whole body and bring on a deep sense of relaxation.

Your body and mind will benefit immensely from Tracy’s unique set of skills. You will leave her treatment sessions feeling calmer and clearer, with an uplifting sense of peace and wellbeing.

Your Reflexology Treatment in King's Cross

Reflexology has many benefits. Tracy offers a range of treatments suited to different purposes:

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